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Nestled on the upper floor of a historic building in the Warehouse District of New Orleans…
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A recording studio should be a place conducive to creativity; where an artist’s inventiveness flourishes. Inner Recess provides that distinct environment. Our facility is a uniquely inspired environment for artists, novice and pro, to produce and develop their craft. High ceilings, exposed brick and an open room coupled with an assortment of recording gear, provide a space aptly suitable for making music. The studio features an isolated live room and vocal booth, measuring 290 and 55 sq. ft. respectively, tucked within a a 1200 square feet control room. Inner Recess provides production and recording services for musicians (singers, MCs, songwriters, bands) and film professionals. The studio is suited to record, edit and mix audio of all sorts, including voiceovers, radio spots, ADR and more post-production audio services. The fully equipped workspace houses vintage analog and state-of-the-art digital gear.

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  • Recording / Mixing

    You need a studio that provides you with more than high-quality microphones and impressive recording space. You need people who are as dedicated to your art and it’s proliferation as you are. You need Inner Recess. We understand what you are after because that is what we were after when we started this studio. We have the tools, knowledge and resources to help you produce the best work you are capable of producing. Give us a call and ask us any questions you might have regarding our facilities and services.

  • Production

    You are a stellar vocalist and you have the writing chops to match, but you aren't in an a cappella group and you have no interest in joining a glee club. You want to fill out your sound and are looking for people who are as dedicated to your music as you are. Inner Recess is full of creative talent that is at your disposal, should you need it. We are prepared to help you develop your sound, songs and albums to exceed your own expectations. We can produce beats, program drums, record live band sessions and help you compose instrumental tracks at your discretion.

  • Rehearsal Space

    Garages, attics, sheds, and basements (in NOLA?). These are all respectable places in which to practice before your band plays at your homecoming. However, when you are ready to get serious and start playing the big gigs, you need to upgrade your rehearsal space. We at Inner Recess believe that a well-rehearsed band is a band worth listening to. We are all but too happy to offer a sound-proof private space for  your band to hone it's skills.

  • Film/Video Services

    We are geared up to record scores, narration, ADR and foley and perform other post-production audio services. We can produce your music video or short film from concept to completion. Contact us for further information.

  • Upcoming Events

    There are no upcoming events at this time.

About Inner  Recess
Inner Recess is a sanctuary for the arts. It is a studio for production and a gallery for exhibition. It’s a parlor for fellowship, and forum for discussion. It’s a classroom for aspiring artists, and a home for blossoming creatives. Inner Recess is a dream, wide awake within the heart of New Orleans. We are Inner Recess, a multimedia creative art space driven to sustain ourselves and the community that surrounds us. We are set on aiding in the launch of sustainable careers for musicians, visual artists, and creative artisans within our sphere of influence. The facility houses a professional recording studio and a unique art gallery. It was created to provide a place for local musicians and artists to make professional audio recordings. Inner Recess is a movement.
Inner Recess
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