Inner Recess
From 2010 through early 2015, Inner Recess also operated an art gallery and event space in our Magazine Street facility. We proudly presented art exhibitions, and hosted celebrated parties, performances, art markets and charitable fundraisers. We worked with numerous talented visual artists and musicians.
The staff, artists and party patrons that were a part of Inner Recess Gallery made the space a creative home for music, art and good times. It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of.

Inner Recess closed its gallery doors in early 2015.

Previous events and exhibitions are on display here.

DRO-December.jpg Couched-December.jpg dustbowl_december-e1416960847425.png Salute-Saraswati-e1418488239179.jpg offthebeatenpage-2-e1415834416724.jpg dro_Oct-e1413834351202.jpg October-Art-Market-e1412362285991.jpg couches1-e1410808180157.jpg For-Web1-e1410817236662.png Sweet-Delusions-e1410804680140.jpg Spectrum-Flyer.jpg DRO-July-Flyer.jpg ETVirpstr-e1405607550105.jpg Vinyl-Swap-Art-Market-Flyer1.jpg Aesthetic-Affairs-party-people-2.jpg Aesthetic-Affairs-Flyer-e1405219353583.jpg IMG_6104.jpeg IMG_1071.png 1026068_10101034849460485_682311276_o-e1405218462126.jpg 1979209_10201521782305729_519879309_o.jpg suggestive_flyer.jpg NOLA_MIX_Opening_Party_2013.jpg Photo-Jun-14-3-58-26-PM.jpg fnmdecflyer2.jpg Friday-Nitght-Mash-flyer.jpg FNM-629Flyer.jpg fnm1-27-12.jpg