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Posted on September 18, 2010 by InnerRecess on Happening

Last Week

Giving shouts to the ones that checked in at InnerRecess last week.

Big ups to Whygee, checking in from Denver. Classic material was recorded; he went in on some Prospek beats with Juskwam, Lyrikill, Suave and Wizdom360 — bangers!

d.o.n. came through like a man on a mission and dropped a verse to appear on his forthcoming Everything Eventual album [produced by InnerRecess’ own Prospek and Dubla].

Juswkam was like Hong Kong Phooey disguising himself as a carpenter building a new office in the studio; meanwhile making cameo appearances on just about everything under the record button. He spread some butter over toasted tracks [Prospek], and the new offices built and almost ready for occupation*.

Private Pile came through and got down on a Dubla/Prospek song with Lyrikil , Juskwam and Cali Obzvr. Tonegenerator was about to drop like 33 bars on it too, but I don’t know what happened to those.

Citysparks came through and left some heat. Make sure to peep that Politics As Usual mixtape.

If you were here and we failed to mention, please feel free to shout yourself out in the comments. If you were here, and would rather not be mentioned, we respect your privacy. Please email to be discretely removed.

*Are you or anyone you know in need office space in the Warehouse District / CBD? Hit us up —

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